Monday, January 30, 2012

Surrounded by Books

I have a very busy day today. I'm hosting The Book Snobs for dinner and discussion tonight. That means I'm cooking dinner for twelve, so I don't have time to write a proper post. Therefore, I'm taking the easy way out.

Last week Katy and Travis were unwilling participants in the large amount of rainfall that fell on parts of Texas. In spite of their new retaining wall, there was just too much rain in too short of a time period for the drains to work properly. They had water in their living room, not for the first time. This led to a decision to remove the carpet.

You may remember that Travis is an English teacher and has an impressive library which normally resides in that room. So, in order to remove the carpet, they had to move the library. While usually beautifully displayed in a very organized and lighted set of bookshelves, it has now taken up temporary residence in Her Highness' room.

I feel bad for them. They have already done a lot of work to clean up the mess and move the books. Now they're planning to stain the concrete floor and then they'll have to replace all the books and shelves. It's a big job. Ultimately they hope to put in wood floors, but first they've got to figure out how to stop the flooding in the future.

The bright side of this story is this beautiful photo of Our Little Princess that is a result of the temporary relocation of the books. Katy took this photo with her cell phone. I think it's gorgeous. I hope she'll always love being surrounded by books.

Have a great week!


  1. Love the photo. It actually makes me want to purposely do a photo shoot of my little one with books.... but that is a lot of books to take of the shelf. :)

  2. If this happened to my husband he would be in heaven...being surrounded by books, not

  3. Oh, yes! That's a magical photo! Best wishes for success with the dinner party and to Katy and Travis with the flooding.

  4. LOVE the photo.

    Love the fact that the royalty are growing up in a home with books even more.

    One day, years ago, we were getting the house painted. The painter had a little boy Joe's age. I invited him in to play while his dad painted our house. He took one look at Joe's room and asked "Why do you have so many books?"

    It broke my heart.

  5. That is a wonderful picture even if it was the result of flooding. She looks so regal sitting there. I hope they get the flooding resolved as books are just so precious -- it is hard to see them destroyed. Fingers are crossed.