Monday, January 10, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

Grandad and I arrived home from Houston late on Saturday evening. I've been meaning to write a blog post for several days, but I seem to have a bad case of the blahs.

Generally speaking, I'm not a person who gets depressed or down. But, I've just got to tell you, the last three years has kicked my butt. And, in particular, this last trip to Houston for Grandad's second cardiac ablation just about got the best of me.

Don't get me wrong. The second ablation which Grandad had last week went well. The doctors are very optimistic. They really think they may have solved the problem of continuing A-fib and flutter. We're all hopeful. But Grandad is having a much harder recovery than he did last time. He has a lot of chest pain, shortness of breath, and very little stamina. Right now we're in a wait and see mode while his heart heals.

It kind of feels like my life has become a bad country song. You know ... my mother got sick ... my husband got sick ... my mother died ... my husband got sick again ... he didn't get better ... and so on and so forth.  All I need is a pick-up truck and a guitar to complete the scenario.

I'm ready to cry uncle ... throw in the proverbial towel ... whatever. I'm done. It's time for a break. I'm exhausted and worn out. If I thought it would do any good I would open the window and shout "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more" like Howard Beale in Network. But other than letting off a little steam, I don't think that would accomplish anything.

Photo from Photobucket
I think I've spent the past three years so focused on Grandad's health and all the other stuff that I've had to deal with that focusing on "stuff" has become habitual. It's time to develop some new habits. I need to stop focusing so much on what I can not control and focus instead on what I can control. One of the things I can control (hopefully) is my attitude. So I've decided to take a more positive approach. 

I've joined a group of my Facebook friends in finding 2,011 Gratitudes in 2011. Each one of us is consciously looking for things to be grateful for every day. And each one of us is posting our own list of 2,011 things that we're grateful for. I'm think it will make me more aware that I have many things to be grateful for. And I'm hoping that it will give me an attitude of gratitude and a brighter outlook on life.


  1. I am grateful for the help I got today from outside sources and my health.

  2. I'm sorry the blahs have struck. Sounds like the 2,011 gratitudes group is an excellent idea. Good luck with it. And just know that one of the things *I* am grateful for is you: You're a good bloggy buddy -- with an excellent Chicken & Orzo recipe to boot. (Made it last night and loved it!) Maybe in addition to a gratitude a day, you should do a "One thing just for Grams" every single day. Sounds like there's lots of caretaking going on and you need to take care of YOU along the way. I'm thinking of you.

  3. I agree with Lisa. It's hard to have a loved one sick. It's hard when there's not a lot that can be done for someone but sit and wait. Hopefully you can find some time for yourself. In the meantime, it does help to count our blessings. It's always amazing to me how much I have been given.
    Take care of you and your hubby. I hope his chest pains go away. That's scary!