Thursday, December 30, 2010

These are NOT Resolutions!

Grams doesn't make New Year's resolutions. Never have! Never will! But my friend Lisa over at Grandma's Briefs published a list of things she will not do in 2011. I like the idea so much that I'm following suit. Thanks for the inspiration Lisa. 
  1. I will not become a neat freak. Anyone who knows me will realize that there really is very little NO danger of this. I will admit to being a little OCD in some areas of my life. Yes, my spice cabinet is arranged in alphabetical order, but that's organized, not neat. Come on over, I'll show you baseboards and ceiling fans that haven't been dusted in years ever.
  2. I will not be miserable or wallow in self pity. I choose to be happy! Sometimes life sucks, but I reserve the right to be happy anyway. I have smiled and laughed my way through a great many hard times. Some days I get by with just putting one foot in front of the other and doing what has to be done, but I choose to be happy ... and I truly believe that happiness is a choice.
  3. I will not abandon hope. Specifically I will keep hoping that eventually we will find a doctor or a procedure that will make Grandad well again. Chronic atrial fibrillation is one of the things that sucks. Some days hope is all that keeps me going. (Here's Grandad's health story.)
  4. I will not give up Starbucks no matter how much my kids make fun of me. I like the coffee, I like the atmosphere and I need the caffeine. Hey, I gave up sugar and fat, I'm not giving up my coffee. They'll have to pry the cup out of my cold dead hands. Did I mention that I like the coffee?
  5. I will not stop looking for the good in people or the good in any given situation. To do so would be to compromise who I am. I try as long as I can to find the good ... but I'm not stupid and I'm no Pollyanna. Eventually I learn that there are some people who are just not good ... and, unfortunately, I'm related to some of them.
  6. I will not correct grammar on Facebook. No matter how many times someone uses your when they should use you're; how often they confuse their, there, and they're; or how many times they say orientated when they should say oriented, I will not turn into the grammar police. Not too often anyway.
  7. I will not give up my reading. I love to read, probably more than anything else I do. Reading provides an escape. It takes me places that I'll never go in real life and introduces me to people from all over the world and from other times. It improves my vocabulary and relaxes me. It's better than Calgon for taking me away!
  8. I will not run a marathon, half-marathon, or even a 5K. In fact, I won't run anywhere. Just thinking about running makes my knees hurt. I will, however, commit to riding my bicycle and walking more in 2011. Since Grandad's a-fib returned, I tend to just sit in the living room with him. That's not really working for me. I will may get my rear-end moving in 2011. After all these are not resolutions!
  9. I will not take up playing Wii or X-Box nor any other expensive and time-stealing video games. But I'm not giving up blogging, Facebook nor solitaire. Let's not get crazy!
There are many other things that I will probably not be doing in 2011, but these are the highlights.

Happy New Year!

How about you ... what are you NOT going to do in 2011?


  1. These are SO great! You have no idea how much they resonate with me and my life. Especially No. 3 (my husband has peripheral neuropathy ... which yes, sucks), the last sentence of No. 5, and the one that made this former editor truly LOL: No. 6! Too, too funny. You hit On.The.Head the ones that are my biggest pet peeves (well, add "to" and "too" to it, too). Great post! Happy New Year to you, my friend!

  2. happy new year!! I'm working on my own list of resolutions!