Friday, December 24, 2010

The Calm Before Christmas, Baby Cheese & A Special Request

Today is one of the days that Grams enjoys most at Christmas. Today is the day that everything is ready. The pre-holiday frenzy is over. In the tradition of women everywhere I've spent the past month getting everything ready for Christmas. Here's an abbreviated list of all that's been made ready.
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  • Cards mailed
  • House decorated
  • Shopping done
  • Stockings ready to stuff
  • Gifts wrapped
  • Bows tied
  • House cleaned
  • Baking finished
  • Menus planned
  • Groceries on hand
Today is the day I sit back, breathe a big sigh of relief, and anticipate the fruits of my labors. Tomorrow, family will arrive and the pace will pick up again. Today is a day for savoring.

I've already shown you our Christmas tree. Now take a look at some of my other decor. I'm proud to say that I only spent about $25 on new decorations this year. I bought battery-operated LED lights for my mantle garland, berries to add to the same garland, and a package of scrapbook paper to make the Merry Christmas pennant banner. It was a bit of a challenge to photograph, but here's my best attempt.

I made the banner by using Jenn Balcer's pennant banner instructions from Split Coast Stampers. I didn't think the pennants were substantial enough so I added the rectangular card stock behind each one. I'm very pleased with how it came out.

Last year, I went to Hobby Lobby's after Christmas clearance sale and bought three rolls of black and white paper. I used it to wrap our gifts this year. Then the packages were tied with brightly colored bows. I buy remnant fabric ribbons on clearance and keep it on hand. On Christmas morning, after all the gifts are opened, I sit and patiently roll all the fabric ribbons and stash them to reuse. Some of these ribbons have been used at least five years. I like the effect of the black and white with the colored ribbons.

Our Little Princess and her parents visited last weekend. They're spending Christmas with her other grandparents this year, but they were able to join us for the Vanecek family Christmas party. It was fun watching her open presents with her cousins. She really liked the baby doll and carried it everywhere the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday we took her to mass with us. After mass, I took her out in front of the church to show her the Nativity Scene. She walked right up to the lighted plastic figures  and was able to name many of them. The day care center she goes to is affiliated with a Baptist Church and they've obviously been working on the real meaning of Christmas. Her mom had told me that they had a birthday party for Jesus where they sang Happy Birthday. 

She knew Mary and Joseph. She recognized the shepherd and pointed out the three kings. Then she walked over to the manger, pointed at the baby, and said proudly, "Baby Cheese." That made me smile. 

I will admit, I've had a bit of difficulty accepting the idea of not seeing them at Christmas this year, but think I've finally gotten a proper perspective and am going to enjoy celebrating with the rest of the family. Nick and Marie arrived in time for dinner this evening. They've gone to visit friends tonight, but will spend the rest of the weekend with Grandad and me.

Our holiday traditions include attending Christmas Eve Mass with Grandad's family, followed by a family dinner at my mother-in-law's home. We'll exchange gifts there on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning we'll open gifts at home. That afternoon we'll take in a movie and then come home for a roast beef dinner.

We'll be busy celebrating with family for the next few days so I will probably not be blogging. But, I have a special holiday request for all my readers. Please remember six-year-old Liam in prayer. Liam is the grandson of my dear friend, Sandy, and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. They are a family of great faith and I know they will appreciate your thoughts and prayers. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May the "Baby Cheese" bless all of you!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the packages. You did far better than I -- I only got cards to the folks I've seen in person the last week or so for various holiday functions. Oh well ...

    Liam and his family are on my prayer list. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas, Vicki!