Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our Little Princess Meets Santa

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in San Antonio. Within the next couple of days, when I have a little more time, I'll do a post about Thanksgiving Day.

On Saturday, we ventured out to The Quarry Market which is not far from our daughter's home in San Antonio. We went to Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. It wasn't as crowded as we expected. When we drove by Santa's house, we noticed that there was no line. Katy, Grams, and Our Little Princess jumped out of the car while the men went to some "man stores."

Katy has been working for several weeks to make sure that Our Little Princess knew who Santa Claus was and might not be afraid of him. She was a little nervous, but after sitting on Grams lap while Santa and I chatted for a while, she was coaxed hesitantly onto his lap for a photo.

I just have to say, this is a GREAT Santa. He was soft-spoken and gentle. He didn't mind taking the time for her to relax a little. And he had sparkling blue eyes that really did twinkle. She didn't love him ... but it wasn't traumatic either. All in all it was very satisfactory and nothing like that horrifying reaction to her first haircut.

Earlier this week I got a call from Katy informing me that she and Our Little Princess had just had their first truly two-way conversation. It went something like this.

Mom - "Who's going to come see you in a few weeks?"
OLP - "Santa Claus!"
Mom - "What's he going to bring you?"
OLP - "Toys!"
Mom - "What kind of toys?"

The only problem with this is. When I saw what Santa is planning to bring Our Little Princess, there were NO ELMO TOYS in the mix. I guess Santa (or Grams) may need to do a little more shopping.  HO-HO-HO!


  1. Adorable photo! She looks like one brave little girl! Yep, Elmo seems to be THE hot item for the little ones ... again!

  2. that is a fantastic santa! He looks so authentic!!