Monday, October 5, 2009

A Foodie Weekend

Grams had a great weekend. It was definitely centered around delicious food, probably more than it should have been.

We kicked it off on Friday night with a 45 minute drive up the coast to Fulton Beach. Our Friday night dinner group went to Charlotte Plummer's Seafare Restaurant. Charlotte Plummer's is one of our favorite places. We all pile in to our neighbor's big SUV and talk all the way there and back. The seafood is delicious. The menu offers a good variety cooked almost any way you want it. Grandad and I split a large broiled seafood platter. We lingered over dinner and drinks. We sat upstairs near the windows so we had a great view of the docks where the commercial shrimp boats and tour boats are tied up.

On Saturday, Grams made Turkey Chili. Several months ago, the Valenta men went turkey hunting. It was a real "guy's weekend," complete with all the things you would expect ... guns, four-wheelers, lying, farting, over-eating, etc. Grandad came home with two turkeys. I had cooked one of the breasts earlier and it was kind of tough. So, on Friday I cooked the remaining turkey breasts in the crock pot for twelve hours. On Saturday, I shredded the turkey and made turkey chili.

Sunday after church we went to the annual Czechfest at our neighboring parish. We enjoyed visiting with some old friends over a delicious Czech lunch of sausage, sauerkraut with potatoes, green beans and a kolache. Grams loves, loves, loves the sauerkraut with potatoes that they always serve at Czechfest. It's worth the trip just to get the sauerkraut. I've never tasted any other sauerkraut that I like as much. It's so good!

As a side note, Grams had never even heard of kolaches until she married into a huge Czech family. My in laws used to make them at home. I particularly like the ones they made. In case you don't know, I would describe a kolache as a small sweet yeast biscuit with fruit filling. They can also be filled with sausage or cottage cheese or cream cheese.

After Czechfest, we came home and kicked back the rest of the evening. We had leftover chili for dinner and watched movies and television all afternoon and evening.

No, Grams didn't make kolaches. But she did make it through a "foodie" weekend without busting out of her jeans.

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