Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What is Grams Made Of?

When Katy and I were having our daily phone conversation today, she related the following story to me. Apparently there is a song that Our Little Princess likes to sing that says something like "everything is made of boogers." I've never heard this song, so I can't really share the lyrics accurately.

Katy says that last night this song led to a discussion of what different people are made of. When asked what Momma was made of, Our Little Princess replied that "Momma is not made of boogers, Momma is made of love."

The discussion continued with Katy asking "What is Omi made of?" (Omi is one of the other grandmothers.) The response was, "Omi is made of play dough." That makes perfect sense because Omi often makes homemade play dough for the girls. It is delightfully scented. The last one I played with was lavender scented.

Next up was the question, "What is Uncle Nick made of?" Our Little Princess giggled as she replied "Uncle Nick is made of boogers."

Then came "What is Grams made of?" But Our Little Princess couldn't decide what Grams was made of. Momma suggested that perhaps Grams was made of Starbucks, since it's my favorite place to go. Our Little Princess said, "Maybe." But a little while later she came back and said, "Momma, I know what Grams is made of. Grams is made of roses."

I'm not sure why she thinks I'm made of roses, but I'll take it. I could be so much worse.


  1. How sweet! And I love that you took something like buggers into such a sweet conversation and memory!

  2. I LOVE that you are made of roses!

  3. So cute! I'll take roses any day : )