Monday, June 25, 2012

How old am I?

Friday was my birthday. You know you're getting old when you can't even remember how old you are. At breakfast yesterday my sister-in-law asked me how old I was. I replied "48" without even thinking about it. When everyone at the table got funny looks on their faces I realized that what I should have said was "58." Oops!

One thing I can guarantee is that, if I am going to lie about my age, I will claim to be older than I am. Here's the reason. I think I look okay for 58. If I try to pass for 48, I don't look good at all. But if I say I'm 68, people will think I look damn good for that age.

On Thursday evening, we met Katy & Travis in Three Rivers so the girls could spend the weekend with us. We had dinner at Taqueria Vallarta. Three Rivers is pretty close to halfway between their home and ours. We have tried several restaurants over the years we've been meeting there to swap the kids. We've had a very hard time finding a place that we all like. We like Van's Barbecue and we stop there a lot. But they close early, so if we are meeting later in the evening it doesn't work. Plus, in the summertime, Travis' daughter Mady is usually with them. Mady is vegetarian which makes eating at a barbecue restaurant limited to potato salad and cole slaw. Even the beans are cooked with meat. Taqueria Vallarta was delicious! We'll definitely be stopping there again. Taqueria Vallarta has a 100% rating on Urban Spoon.

Our birthday celebrations were low key. On Friday we took the girls to Sears Portrait Studios for a portrait session. It was like herding cats. The photographer, Christy, was awesome. She was so patient with the girls. Princess E wasn't uncomfortable at all. She posed like a model and there are some really good shots of her alone. Unfortunately, Princess J (Her Highness) was not so comfortable. The studio was a place she'd never been before and she didn't know the photographer. She was scared and cried most of the time. She did finally get some pretty good shots. We went to Sears because we had a Groupon. For $35 we get one 10x13 portrait and six sheets which can be a variety of sizes and shots. Here's the one we ordered for my living room.

When we left the portrait studio, we stopped at The Cupcake Shoppe and picked up cupcakes for my birthday celebration. We came home and had lunch followed by cupcakes. There could not be anything better than having our two little princesses sing happy birthday and help blow out the candles. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't take any pictures which is very unfortunate. Princess J had a pink strawberry cupcake which she squished between her fingers and smeared over her face and into her hair. It was awesome! Princess E had a white cupcake with sprinkles. Mine was white cake with chocolate frosting with sprinkles. Grandad abstained from cupcakes. His doctor has given him strict instructions to take off some weight. He's working hard at it and I'm proud of him. I know how hard that is and he's doing great!

We finished off the day by meeting our next-door neighbors for dinner at Railroad Seafood Station. We started with an avocado salad followed by fried shrimp served family style with a combination of sweet potato fries and regular fries. Their fried shrimp is my absolute favorite. It is very lightly battered and cooked just right. The princesses had dinosaur chicken nuggets with fries.

I will tell you more about the rest of our weekend later this week. I did finally get my camera in my hand so I could snap some photos of my own.


  1. I have forgotten my age a few times. When I was 33 I thought I was 34 then when I turned 39 I thought I was 40. Made major life changing decisions that day based on the momentous day. It was almost my next birthday before I realized it. So I got to enjoy my 40th all over again, lol. One of those life changing decisions allowed me to meet my now wonderful husband so it was a good thing I was mistaken and didn't wait to make the changes til a year later. Because my birthday is December 19th, it is easy to get my math off when just using the years to figure. Oh well, I have never cared much about the number anyway :-)

    Love the photo of the girls, I saw a sneak peek on your Facebook page the other day. Enjoy your time with the grands, we have our two for the next 10 days and are loving it!


  2. Happy 58! I always forget my age too -- DH is almost 50 so he thinks I'm almost 50 too. Ummm.... no. I'm only 43. I mean 44. I mean 46. Yes. 46. that one's right.

  3. First of all ♫Happy Birthday♫. Secondly you look terrific for being '68' years old, and thirdly your description of getting the granddaughters pictures taken was like herding cats was the perfect descriptive phrase...ha!

  4. Thanks for visiting Grilling Grandmas and your kind comments.
    Ahhh, those studio pictures with a reticent wee one- so challenging. Such little dollies you have there. I can imagine them enjoying those fairy veils.
    We have a Peurta Vallarta here that we all enjoy.
    Happy Belated Birthday.
    Oh, I can never remember how old I am and have to stop and do the math every time someone asks me.

  5. Hmm, well hope this doesn't pop up twice. I allowed the new whatever to install on my computer and now everything is different.
    One more time.
    Thanks for visiting from Grilling Grandmas. Whoa, don't I know how challenging studio pictures can be with those reticent wee ones. Two adorable little dollies you have there. Yes, likely they would love a fairy veil.
    We have a Peurta Vallarta here in Southern Indiana that we all enjoy.
    Happy Belated Birthday. I have the worse time remembering how old I am so it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! That seafood place sounds awesome, I wish they had those here! I love your idea of telling people we are older than we are -- very smart! I will try that. The little Princess looks so loving and protective of her upset little sister -- the picture is very sweet!

  7. Ah their picture turned out nicely...such little beauties!

    By the way my grandfather always told me he was 39
    ( he ALSO told me he was born on a stump, hatched by Indians, and for a few years when I was young, I believed that! :)