Thursday, June 28, 2012

Helping the princesses keep their cool

Summer has definitely arrived in South Texas. We've been experiencing really hot days with temperatures above 100 degrees. We had intended to take the princesses down to the Corpus Christi Bayfront to play on the new playground equipment at Cole Park and then to the splash park down near the Bayfront Plaza.

We scrapped those plans when we learned that it was paint the park day. The park was full of volunteers who were painting all the tables, the benches, and the amphitheater. We just didn't want to cope with wet paint and crowds. But we do appreciate their efforts.

So, instead we went to our nearby dollar store and picked up a small wading pool. Is there anything cuter than little girls playing in a wading pool? I think not.

Grandad and I unfolded the lawn chairs, he opened a beer and I poured myself a glass of wine. We had a front row seat to the best show in town as our little princesses splashed and played while the sun went down. Some of the neighbors wandered over and kept us company. It was fun for everyone.

We've been dealing with really hot weather here in South Texas. We've already had several days with temperatures above 100 degrees. But, thankfully, most of us are prepared for that kind of weather. Our homes are air conditioned and we have the fans blowing. We also know that we need to keep the kids inside during the heat of the day and make sure everyone drinks plenty of fluids.

I know there are many others who are not so fortunate right now. My thoughts are with my bloggy friends in Colorado who are dealing with horrific forest fires. Stay safe my friends. We are thinking of you.


  1. Those are wonderful pictures and there really is nothing better than kids and water! It is Amara's favorite!

  2. That's how we have spent the last several days in our Arizona home with the Grandbabies playing in their blow up pool in the shade of the patio :-)


  3. That's what we do around here! Don't forget to link at Grandparent's Say It Saturday :)