Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Sweater Dress for Our Little Princess

A few weeks ago Grams was doing what Grams does almost every evening. While Grandad watches television, I keep one eye on the television while I surf the web. On this particular evening, I ran across this tutorial, from Make It and Love It, for upcycling an adult sweater into a child's sweater dress. When I saw this dress, I knew I had to make one for Our Little Princess.

As luck would have it, I had exactly the same sweater in the stack of stuff I had set aside for my garage sale. So I went out to the garage, dug the sweater out, followed the directions, and produced the cutest little sweater dress. The tutorial calls for beautiful little satin flowers. That was the only thing I changed. Instead, I made rolled felt roses which are pinned on and can be removed for washing. Our Little Princess insisted on wearing all three roses at the same time.

The roses are super simple to make and will be for sale soon in my Etsy shop.

If I make another upcycled sweater dress, I'll make it a little wider through the hips. She wasn't nearby for measuring so I had to eyeball it. I think it'll be okay once she gives up her pull-ups for panties, which will hopefully be soon.

While we're on the subject of pull-ups and panties, Katy is looking for any constructive advice you might have about potty training. Our Little Princess will be three years old in February and is not in the least bit interested in using the potty. Please share any advice you might have in the comment section and I'll pass it on.


  1. The dress is darling and she looks so cute. I'd wear all 3 flowers, too! As for the potty training -- can't help you there. I was very lucky with my daughter and she was very lucky with my granddaughter.

  2. This dress is so cute! I bet she loves this special dress her Grams made for her.

    I still have a 4 year old in my little drama class who wears a pull up. Unfortunately, I do not have advice but she is not alone. I heard the other day that the pull ups make it too easy for the kids. The mom put panties on her little girl and after a couple of accidents she decided to use the potty.

    Take care,