Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Pop-Pop Effect

Grams and Grandad have had a busy morning. We moved our old entertainment center out of the family room into the garage and put a for sale sign on it. We also finished getting our new television and components set up in our new tv stand. We still need to put a safety strap on the television, but I assure you it will be done before Our Little Princess and Her Highness arrive in a couple of weeks. Neither of use tends to climb on the furniture, so I'm pretty sure it'll be okay for a couple of days.

Anyway, when we sat down the recuperate from moving a very, very heavy piece of furniture, I spent my time browsing through photos. In doing so, I notice what I'm calling "the Pop-Pop effect." We seem to have a large number of pictures of Grandad holding sleeping babies. He's big, he's cuddly, and he's warm. Just kind of makes me want to curl up and sleep too.

Happy Saturday everyone. I hope you have a chance to cuddle up with someone you love for a nap.


  1. Aww, how sweet. Pop-Pop looks so comfortable and casual with a sleeping babe on him :-)

  2. I miss the kids being so small you can snuggle them like that.

  3. Those are great pictures! Not sure who looks more content -- the children or Pop Pop!

  4. How precious! That's definitely one of the perks of having a Pop Pop!

    Re: the TV, falling TVs are one of my phobias. And my daughter told me long after the fact of a horrible experience with Bubby that could have ended far, far worse (and I'm amazed it didn't) all related to them not strapping their new big screen. But, like you said, not something that needs to be done until your girlies will be arriving.