Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Matching Outfits for The Grands

There's not much to write about. I've been enjoying the first few weeks of summer and not doing very much. I've got my house clean and started a few reorganization projects around the house, but nothing too challenging. Although my chandelier is now sparkling clean.

We've started converting a cabinet in the laundry room into a storage center for all my small appliances. However, most of the stuff in the cabinet belongs to Grandad so I'm going to have to wait for him to tell me where it goes. I'll snap some photos when it's done. I have found some things in that cabinet that I haven't seen in many years. Like this piece of home decor from my "country decor" days. Thank God those days are over.

Grandad spent the last few days working in Houston. He came home last night. That means that I've been home alone since Sunday. I took advantage of the time to do a little sewing for the Grands.

On the left is a tunic for Our Little Princess. On the right is a swing dress for Baby Sister. It's made by my favorite pattern for baby girls. My mother-in-law made dresses like this for Katy when she was born. Somehow I managed to hold on to the pattern for 30 years.

For some reason, Blogger is rotating this photo and I am unable to turn it.
I had one yard of each piece of fabric. The tunic required 1 1/4 yards so I had to cut both pieces. When I finished cutting it out, I was pleased to discover that I had enough left to make the swing dress for Her Highness. The swing dress is fully reversible. The tunic is trimmed with cotton lace in a natural color. The swing dress is trimmed with aqua rick-rack which is set on the edge so it shows from both sides. All the materials were already in my sewing box so the cost of both of these dresses was zero!

So the girls have their first matching outfits. I hope their mom doesn't think the matching is too cheesy.

A note to all of you who commented about Her Highness having very long legs. Grandad is 6'5" tall. Her Mom and Dad are both in the neighborhood of 6'. Our Little Princess has long legs too. Grams is 5'1". Those long legs are genetic ... but they didn't come from me.


  1. The outfits are so cute! You have to post a picture of the backside, please!!! And then of course late a picture of them modeling would be nice.... Good Job Grams!

  2. Those are adorable! And not cheesy at all (at least to this grandma...but I know what you mean, as I worry the same with my daughter).

    Her Highness will be taller than you in no time, it seems! :o)

  3. Those outfits are adorable! My mom used to make matching outfits for us and then for my kids when they were little. I did not inherit the handicrafts gene! :)