Friday, June 3, 2011

Look How Big She Is

Baby Sister will be 8 weeks old on Monday. I haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. Katy sent this picture this morning via cell phone. I can't believe she's already so big ... just over 11 pounds. She continues to run a low grade fever on a regular basis and Katy reports that she's pretty fussy in the evenings. Just to be safe, she went back to the pediatrician this morning. He ordered a few more tests but reported that he's not worried about her. She seems to be thriving. They'll continue treating the fever with Tylenol for now.

Because of other summer travel plans, Grams probably won't be seeing her until June 23rd. That's a long time and I will admit that I'm having withdrawals. I'm thinking I may spend the next few weeks sewing up some clothes for both Our Little Princess and Baby Sister. But, I'm waiting for some guidance from their Mom. I know they both have lots of clothes. But, hey, a girl can never have too many clothes, right?

I'm also working on a list of things to accomplish this summer while school is out. Right now, I'm formulating a plan to convert the under-utilized cabinet above my dryer into a storage space for all my small appliances which now live on top of my dryer. This will require a new step stool so I can reach them and will also include removing the existing cabinet doors. Grandad is not totally opposed to this idea. So we'll start with cleaning it out. Maybe we'll get that underway tomorrow.

Today's project is cleaning the chandelier in my bathroom. It will be the first time I've disassembled and washed all the pieces of this one. Wish me luck.

I'm also still working on an appropriate nickname for Baby Sister. Right now I'm leaning towards "Her Highness" because she does seem to demand everyone's full attention. We'll see as time goes by if it fits her personality or if something else emerges.


  1. She has some LOOOOOG legs!

    Her Highness is absolutely beautiful.

  2. You can never have to many clothes or to many shoes -- especially if you are a little Princess. Baby Sister really is a cutie!

  3. Grandkids can never have too many clothes made by their grandma!
    Baby sister is so cute. Good luck with the organizing project. That's something I need to do too now that school is out. I just need to get motivated.

  4. It was a pleasure seeing my two grand-nieces a couple of weeks ago. They stopped through for the night on their way to a wedding. I got two hugs from Ezra and got to hold little June. [Sigh] So sweet. We had a very nice visit with Katy and Travis, too. Come back and see us!

  5. Baby withdrawl. I understand it. Hope June 23 comes quickly.


  6. Thank you for stopping by my blog!! SITS sure is great huh?! You have beautiful grandbabies. My Grandma was called "Grams" too. She was a wonderful grandma just like you :)

  7. Oh Grams, she looks so sweet! I just wanna hug on her! I bet it will be hard to wait until you see her again!

  8. What a beauty! I wonder if the fever is related to a growth spurt. Or, maybe she just runs hot. My son runs cool. He was always a few points cooler than normal. I suppose it can go the other way too!

  9. What fun to have 2 cute little girls to sew clothes for! Princess and Her Highness. Perfect.

    If you have a chance, stop by my blog tomorrow. I'm having a blog hop for just us boomers.

  10. Sorry for being so MIA lately.

    Boy oh boy, those are long legs! She's surely growing. I hope they figure out what's up with the fever. Keep us posted. I do love the Her Highness name!

    Hope the chandelier dismantling and cleaning went well. You are far more motivated than I!