Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Hate Bra Straps

Grams can't stand it any more. I just have to finally say it. I hate it when women deliberately show their bra straps. I'm not talking about the occasional, stray strap peaking out now and then. I'm talking about blouses, tanks and dresses that are clearly meant to be worn with a strapless or T-back bra, yet women just go ahead and wear their regular bras and let the straps just show. I've noticed that young girls even seem to wear contrasting or matching colors. I hate it!

Grams tries to be tolerant, really I do. If you're just hanging out at the park or maybe even the mall, I'll just look the other way. But, if you're going to church, come on people, show a little respect.

As I've told you before, I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. I know it's different now, but in my youth we didn't even wear pant suits to church. Dresses were the only acceptable attire for church. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was okay to wear slacks when I started attending the Catholic Church.

The church we attend now is in a very small farming community. Casual attire is very acceptable and we often wear blue jeans to church. But, this morning there was a young woman seated about three rows in front of me who was wearing a blouse that had deep vees cut into the armholes on both sides of the back creating kind of an X-back and baring almost all of the upper part of her back. She had two sets of straps in two different colors showing. I assume what I was seeing was a bra strap and a camisole strap. It was all I could do not to take off my sweater and drape it over her shoulders and back.

Aside from the inappropriateness of the blouse and exposed straps, the weather was cool this morning; cool enough that I had a sweater over my blouse. It is highly unlikely that she was not uncomfortably chilly. But most of all, it was just not proper attire for church. My mother would have described it as "trailer park trash" and I would have been sent to my room to dress properly. To borrow a phrase from Bill Cosby, "Come on people!"

I do want to point out that there is no photo to accompany this post. I resisted the urge to snap a picture with my cell phone for two reasons. One, because it would have been inappropriate behavior for church and, two, because my mother-in-law was sitting right next to me. See, I know how to behave.


  1. LOL, I completely agree with you! I even sent my own adult daughter home from work in my store one day because she was wearing a black bra with a white tank that required a T-back bra. It looked so tacky. I told her this was a retail store, not her livingroom and it was just not acceptable. She grumbled that she needed to do laundry and had nothing else to wear. I told her she could take the day off (without pay of course) and do laundry if she needed to, but she was not coming to work dressed like that.

    She managed to find a different shirt to wear and came back to work...after putting some laundry in the machine before returning to work :)

    BTW, Hello! My name is Anna and I found you through Never Growing Old's Over 40 Bloggers list. Hope to get to know you better through your blog posts. Also hope you will stop by my blog too.


  2. OH this is something that I hate. I have a 13, a 17, and a 22 year old daughter. The 17 year old gets sent back to change into shirts that don't show not only her bra straps, but sometimes more. She is actually my step-daughter, and she lives with me, but when she sees her mom, the mom tries to buy her love with an open purse, and she ends up with clothing her father and I believe is inappropriate. So then I'm the evil stepmother telling her that she can't wear the clothes the sainted mom who doesn't want her buys her. Argh. I can't believe that women want to look junky/trashy/skanky.
    I really enjoyed this post. I am one of your Monkey Tribe SITS Sistahs.