Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Frenzy Continues

Every day when I drive through the neighborhood there are more and more decorations. And, I just have to tell you that yet another household has joined the Halloween decorating frenzy in our neighborhood.

Imagine my amusement on Saturday when I turned the corner about three blocks from my house and found this. I actually did a U-turn and went back to look at it again. Then I drove around the block, fished my camera out of my purse, and snapped a couple of photos.

I've seen similar Halloween displays on the internet, but I never expected to see one in real life ... especially not right here in our very conservative "bible belt" neighborhood.

All I can say is ... at least they have a sense of humor.


  1. I LOVE IT! Hope it stays put until Halloween!

  2. I love that..hysterical

    Its weird cuz no one where I live is really doing anything for Halloween....but I can live through your photos.


  3. You never really know your neighbours do you... :) I love Halloween! A few streets over we have a guy who puts all kinds of ghoulish stuff on his lawn...fake coffins, etc. He's sat one of his Zombie creatures right beside the bench at the bus stop so you think they're some creepy person waiting for the bus everytime you turn the corner! Have a great Halloween...visiting from BlogFrog.