Monday, November 18, 2013

Here Come the Flower Girls

Our Little Princesses were recently flower girls for the first time. I must admit, we were all a little bit apprehensive about this experience.

The weekend that we returned from our vacation, they traveled to the Dallas area where they, along with their cousin Aubrey, were flower girls in their Aunt Catherine's wedding. I thought it was very brave of Catherine to have her three nieces, ages 2, 3, and 4 as flower girls.

Over the years, I have personally witnessed a variety of flower girl mishaps. I recall one who lifted her dress over her head during the ceremony, one who stage whispered to her mom during the ceremony "I need to pee," and one who would drop a flower petal then turn around, pick it up and put it back in the basket. At the end of the aisle, she turned to her mom and said loudly, "See, Mommy, I do too pick up my things." At Katy's wedding, one of the flower girls sat in the church and pulled all the petals from her daisies.

We were not concerned about Ezra's ability or willingness to be a flower girl. At 4 years old, she is the "girliest" of girls. She prefers to wear dresses and likes them very pink and very frilly. The more ruffles, lace, and glitter, the better for her. When her mom took her along with her to David's Bridal to pick up their shoes, Ezra was completely captivated. Katy said that she opened her arms wide and, with her eyes sparkling with delight, said something like "Mommy, this is the most beautiful place. Just look at all these beautiful dresses." Here she is gazing through the door at her beautiful Aunt Catherine. Can't you just feel her enchantment. This girl was just born to be a flower girl.

On the other hand, at two years old, June is what I would describe as rough and tumble. If you give her a choice of pants or a dress, most of the time she will choose the pants. And, let's be honest, you just never know what any two year old will do. Put them in front of an audience of strangers and a meltdown is a real possibility. Add the variables of a long car trip, staying in a new place, and being off of her usual schedule, and it goes from a possibility to a likelihood. But according to all reports, she did beautifully and I think they all had a wonderful time.

Aubrey, Ezra, and June as flower girls.

I was relieved to hear that all went well. Katy said that she and her sister-in-law tag-teamed during the service with one of them at the back sending the girls down the aisle and one at the front to catch them at the end of the aisle. I'm so happy that Our Little Princesses got to have this experience and I'm so glad it turned out okay.


  1. What a cute, fun story! The bride is beautiful and the little girls are adorable. I loved your "flower girl disaster" stories!

  2. The girls look so cute and so sweet! Glad it worked out so well -- she was a brave bride!