Monday, July 8, 2013

Gifts for Grams

Our Little Princesses have been visiting regularly for the past few months. It's such a blessing that they're only two hours away.

Princess E is four years old now and she regularly furnishes beautiful artwork for our refrigerator. Interestingly, she usually makes sure it is addressed to Granddad. It's been a pretty steady stream for a couple of years now and is always supplemented with new pieces when they visit.

When they were here two weeks ago, Princess E created a beautiful picture and presented it to me. I was delighted and went straight to the kitchen and put it on my refrigerator.

I always have paper, crayons, colored pencils, and a variety of other crafty supplies available. She used some stick on jewels that I got on sale after Christmas to enhance her work. She explained that this is a beautiful girl, and that the big jewels are the girl's hair and the small ones are the stars in the sky. I absolutely love it and love that she can explain her work.

The girls also left another lovely gift for us. This is what the door in my laundry room looked like after they left.

Here is what the entire door looks like. The top half of the door is painted with chalkboard paint. It's where I write Granddad's list of things to do. Fortunately, the girls did all their work on this door with chalk so I can just erase it. I would not have been nearly so happy if it had been crayons.

When I asked them about it, Princess E tried to tell me that Princess J did the drawing on the red part of the door. The problem with that is that Princess J is only two. If she did it, she's quite a prodigy. Don't you think? 


  1. So glad it was chalk! I love that Princess E is already learning to blame things on her little sister! But no fooling Grams!

  2. lol cute story and darling pictures for grandma and grandpa!
    My 2 year old granddaughter told me a whopper last week too. I watched her on the monitor. Never slept a second! When I asked her if she slept and how long her nap was, she said yes, and (pointing with her fingers) "one, two!"