Friday, March 25, 2011

Winner! Winner!

Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner! LaRue Across America!

Congratulations to Connie of I Started Out As A Child and to Elisabeth who are both winners of their very own copies of LaRue Across America.

Connie, I left instructions in a comment on your latest blog post. Elisabeth, your instructions have been emailed. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in Grams' first ever giveaway.

The family menfolk are headed to the hunting lease for a weekend of manly men things. 

Building fences is a manly activity

Another manly activity

Turkey hunting is manly too.

Grandad and his brothers, Gary & Danny

 I'm off to San Antonio for a girls weekend with my daughter, my sister, and Our Little Princess. There is sure to be at least one Tea Party and lots of giggling.
Bylinda, Our Little Princess & Katy

Our Little Princess
 Whatever your plans for the weekend, I hope it's filled with people you love and things you enjoy.


  1. ah the hunting leases.... i think the men of texas find a pleasure in going to the lease that is not found in other states ha!

    enjoy your time in SA!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I am overwhelmed with the love! :)

    Your granddaughter is absolutely darling. All the best!

  3. Look at that family! Nothing more important. Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!

  4. I hope it was a wonderful weekend visit with your little Princess!

    Congratulations to your book winners! A great one to share with the kiddos, I hear!