Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Princess At Two

Our Little Princess with Omi blowing out the candles
Our Little Princess turned two years old last week. We celebrated her birthday with a family lunch at Willie's in San Antonio. Grams made Foofa cupcakes. The cupcakes were pink with a daisy on top. Somehow I didn't get a good picture of them. The original plan was to sit outside and let the little ones enjoy the big sandbox, but it turned out to be a rainy day. We had fun anyway and she didn't even know the difference.  We spent time visiting with family and her other grandparents and enjoyed watching her open presents. Her Omi and Pa-pa were there. We drove up from Corpus Christi and spent the weekend. Uncle Nick came from Houston. Aunt B and Eric came too. It was a small party, but we had big fun!

While we were there for the weekend, Uncle Nick helped her Dad set up her "big girl's bed." They took down the toddler bed and re-assembled it in their room putting the parts back together to make it a crib again. She wasn't too interested in it, I think because of the excitement of her big girl's bed. She slept in her bed the first night it was up with no argument and no problem.

Then her mom called me on Monday and described this conversation that took place after we left. It began when she noticed that the crib is now set up in Mommy and Daddy's room.

Princess says to Mommy, "My bed."
Mommy replies, "No, you have a new bed. This bed is for the new baby."
Princess says, "I baby."
Mommy replies, "No, you're a big girl."
Princess, "No, I baby."
Mommy, "Well, if you're a baby, you can't do big girl things any more. Baby's don't take bubble baths. Baby's don't get to play on the big kids' playground. And you'll have to go back to the baby's classroom at school so you won't be able to play with your friends at school."
Princess, "I big girl."

At two years old, she's fearless! She's not afraid of the dark. She will climb on anything. We've found her standing on chairs a couple of times. Her mom found her standing atop her chest of drawers/changing table. And, yes, she's fallen a time or two necessitating at least one trip to the emergency room. She loves to scare people. She hides around corners and jumps out and yells "Boo" and then cracks up laughing. She also likes it when you startle her with a boo. She shrieks and then giggles. She and Grandad love to chase each other around the hallway in her house laughing and boo-ing.

She loves Yo Gabba Gabba. In case, like Grams, you don't know what that is, it's a Nickelodeon show featuring host DJ Lance Rock and toy monsters Brobee, the little green one; Muno, the red cyclops; Plex, the robot; Foofa, the pink flower bubble; and Toodee, the blue cat dragon. It's very upbeat with music and dance, and it gets kids on their feet dancing along. It often features well-known musicians and performers. The best things about Yo Gabba Gabba are: 1. it holds her attention, and 2. it's always on. If you can't find it on television, you can play full episodes on the internet.

She loves books and I think she'll be reading well before she starts school. It's not unusual to find her sitting in her room and flipping through her books.

She's a rough-and-tumble girl who will play in the dirt and roll around on the floor with the dogs. But she's still a princess and loves her baby dolls too.

Look how precious she looks in the princess dress that her Aunt Catherine sent for her birthday. And, yes, that's a train set that her parents got her for her birthday.

Be sure you notice the silver shoes. Our Little Princess LOVES shoes and she loves sparkle. And sparkly shoes ... what more could a princess ask for?

At two, she's 35 inches tall. If the old wives' tale is true, that means she'll be 5'10" tall, which is about the same as her mom. She talks quite plainly now and you can actually carry on a conversation with her. And she's not timid. She will tell you what she wants and doesn't want.

She has an independent streak and she's smart. When "Bubbles" is born in about six weeks, she'll be a big sister.

She is so loved by so many people. We're all expecting great things in her future. As a matter of fact, the future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! So darn cute!!

    Bubby is going through the same thing, with his old crib in the new nursery while he gets used to the big-boy bed. He often sneaks away to the nursery and climbs into the bed, just for old time's sake (and to make his mother batty!).

    Great post for the sweet one's birthday!