Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Haircut

Grams and Grandad had a visit from Our Little Princess and her mom last weekend. They came in early on Friday. It was my pleasure to accompany the Princess and her mom as she got her first haircut at a salon. She's had home haircuts before, but this was her first trip to the salon.

It seemed okay at first. She took her seat in the booster seat in the big chair.

The paper collar made her a little bit nervous.

She giggles when Grams uses the spray bottle at home, but in the salon with the big chair, not so much.

It was just about this time that the whole thing went south. She did not like the salon. She did not want to sit in the big chair. She pulled off the cape. She yanked off the paper collar. She climbed out of the big chair into the safety of Grams' arms. I stood and held Our Little Princess turning her from one side to the other and trying to keep her still. This was the expression on her face throughout the experience.

The very patient young lady managed a pretty good haircut under the circumstances.

She sure looked adorable with her new "do." And, what was it my mother used to say? Something like "it's the price we pay for being women." I'm afraid this is only the first of many lessons to come.


  1. That turned out absolutely precious! Poor little Princess, shedding tears and wails. I hope she thinks it was worth it.

    It's a tradition for Bubby to get his haircut when PawDad visits ... even when just Gramma visits (kid's hair grows like mad!). Luckily, with haircuts that often, he's gotten pretty used to it all.

  2. I never would have thought she'd take it so hard! I did leave that stylist a big tip by the way.

    Love your new header!