Monday, November 22, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Maria Von Trapp sang about her favorite things. Oprah gives away her favorite things. Grams wants to share a few of my favorite things with you.  This is just a partial list, there will be more later. Here are a few of Grams favorite things ...

Pop-Pop Reading to Our Little Princess
I love reading to children, especially Our Little Princess and I love childrens' books. I also love the fact that Grandad will read to Our Little Princess any time she asks. Normally, he doesn't display too much interest in books. He would much rather stretch out in that recliner and watch a movie or television show. But somehow, whatever the Princess wants to do is okay with Pop-Pop!

Bird of Paradise
I love Bird-of-Paradise. I love it so much that I chose for my bridesmaids to carry single stems of Bird-of-Paradise.

The  plant pictured is in my front yard. It was a gift from my next-door-neighbors in memory of my mother. It's been planted in that spot for three years, but has never bloomed. About two months ago, my neighbor asked me if she could fertilize it. She gave it a Miracle-Gro feeding and it's been blooming ever since. Gorgeous!

Picture Mail
I love picture mail! It keeps me in touch with my family wherever they roam. This picture is my gorgeous daughter-in-law, Marie, and my handsome son, Nick, enjoying a winery in the Los Angeles area. They were there in September for a long weekend and, because of picture mail, we got to share the excitement as they looked at the stars on the Walk of Fame and visited Rodeo Drive. It's so great to get picture or video mail that allows me to share their lives and stay connected to them.

I started playing bunco on a regular basis when I was pregnant with our son. He will be 29 years old tomorrow. That means, I have played bunco a minimum of once a month for almost 30 years now. For a while I played with two clubs, so I played twice a month.

If you're not familiar with bunco, it's a dice game for 12 people (usually 12 women).  The only skill required is the ability to count to 21 and a whole lot of enthusiasm. And, to tell the truth, the ability to count to 21 is optional because everyone has a partner and you can depend on someone at the table to help you count. For me bunco is a girls' night out once a month and an opportunity to let off steam and act silly. Some clubs play for prizes, but we play for money.

I love books ... fiction, nonfiction, romance, fantasy, bestsellers, classics, leather bound, paperback, whatever! You name it. I love it. I discovered books at a very early age. I was one of those kids that would stay indoors and read all the time. My mother had different plans and would chase me outdoors and make me play with other kids. Now, rather than isolate me, books help me interact with others. I belong to a fabulous book club. The twelve women who are members of The Book Snobs share my love for books. Once a month we get together to discuss a great or not-so-great book, share a glass of wine and a lovely dinner. This group feeds my soul like few other things in my life.

These are the little things that make life lovely for Grams. There are many other things that also belong on this list. I'm thinking of making this a regular post.


  1. So easy to see why these are your favorite things! What a testament to love and family -- and Miracle Gro! Well, and Bunco, too, which I've never played. Maybe someday ...

  2. Hi. I found your blog from the over 40 and proud of it button. I just wanted to say hi and that I LOVE YOUR HEADER. LOVE IT!
    I'm a proud Gramma too!
    Laurie from Grandma Sez So