Friday, September 17, 2010

Back 2 Blogging Day Five

This is the final day of my Back 2 Blogging exercise. Today's topic is what blogging means to me. I'm not a particularly introspective person so before today I haven't given much thought to what blogging means to me. But here goes.

As a teenager I dreamed of being a great writer. I wanted to write poetry or a great novel. Later on, in my job I wrote fund-raising brochures, solicitation letters, press releases, and a few procedures and technical manuals. Then for a couple of years I wrote lesson plans and training presentations.

I've always been a talker. When I worked full time I worked in a small office with twelve to fifteen other women. Every day we ate lunch together, drank coffee together, stopped by each other's offices to chat, trade stories and generally share our lives. When I stopped working, all of a sudden I was home alone for eight to ten hours every day. And since my husband travels between Houston and Corpus Christi, sometimes I was home alone for days on end. I started blogging to have something to do in the daytime besides laundry and housework.

Really, for me, it's simple. Blogging gives me a place to use my voice ... a place to speak my mind ... to get things off my chest ... to brag about my grandkids ... to embarrass my kids ... to tell funny stories ... to pass along gossip ... to comment on current events ... to share my political views ... to preserve family history ... to reconnect with old friends ... to meet new people ... along with a variety of other things.

I've seen others write about the sense of community they get as bloggers. I haven't really experienced that yet, although I'm beginning to feel more a part of it since I joined the SITS Girls and the BlogFrog Community. I never dreamed that there were so many bloggers in the blogosphere.

So, I may never write the great American novel, but I have my own little corner of the blogosphere where I am sure I can get published. No need to wait on anyone else's approval.

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