Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Update

The weekend was great. Grams spent lots of quality time with our little princess, Ezra, and her parents. Along with that we spent Saturday afternoon with my brother, Charlie, his wife, Sandy, my sister, Bylinda, and her husband, Mack. Even my nephew Eric found a little time to drop by Gruene Hall for a short visit.

Our little princess, Ezra, has changed so much in the few weeks since we saw her last. She's sitting up on her own now with no assistance. And we were there on Friday evening when she figured out the whole crawling thing. That's right, no more rolling around on the floor to get what she wants. Now she just crawls right over. Minnie, the family's Jack Russell Terrier is in for a whole new world now that the little princess can chase her around the room. I even saw Ezra eyeballing the doggy door a couple of times right after Minnie went through it. I know it's only a matter of time until she follows Minnie right out into the back yard. It's just going to be too tempting.

We spent Saturday afternoon in Gruene where it was Gruene Market Days. We enjoyed a stroll through tents full of hand-crafted items and sampled some very tasty wine. And no trip to Gruene would be complete without a stop at Gruene Hall. We stopped there where the men enjoyed a cold beer while most of the ladies just stuck with ice water. It was much hotter than we had hoped it would be and by the time Hal Ketchum's band tuned up, we were exhausted and ready to leave. We headed back to San Antonio and stopped for dinner at Chuy's -- delicious.

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  1. That's a great post! Texas! Where you can pull your baby up to the bar!