Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If I Only Had More Time ...

I remember many times when I was working full time I would think to myself, "If only I had more time I would (fill in the blank)." After all, I had worked full time since 3 months after graduating from high school in 1972, most of those years for the same local nonprofit. It was a demanding job that often required early morning meetings, evening receptions and weekend special events. It was stressful and demanding and I loved it.

For quite a while after I lost my job I was simply overwhelmed and in shock. I spent a lot of time doing nothing. Well, to be honest, I was feeling sorry for myself. But after about six months, I woke up one morning and realized that I now have time ... time to sew ... time to scrapbook ... time to clean ... time to organize ... time to cook. Time to do almost everything I've always wished I had time to do. So I've set about doing them.

One of the things I have always loved is making baby items, particularly baby girl clothes and summer weight baby blankets. As luck would have it, about six months ago I became a grandmother to a beautiful baby girl. Since then, I have dusted off my sewing machine and gotten creative. Now, with the encouragement of my children, I'm wondering if I may be able to parlay this love of making baby girl clothes into a little bit of cash.

Here are some samples of items I've made for our little princess. I'm working on a few more. Once again, Grams made it!

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  1. 1) Yes you can!
    2) When you are ready I would love to feature it on my blog.
    3) I am TOTALLY going to come after you once I can get baby number two rolling. (please be a girl, please be a girl ;)
    4) I love staying home. Certainly it's different when my employed is a mouthy two year old but I don't miss the long hours I used to work and I definitely don't miss the stress. I love have a clean and organized house. A good meal on the table and NO chores on the weekend. It's a full time job, but a welcome one!
    5) you have time to blog!!!