Monday, May 11, 2015

June's Birthday

Last month we celebrated June's Birthday. I can't believe our littlest grandchild is 4 years old. At four years old, June is so much fun. She will charm you with her kindness and tenderness one moment and blow you away with her larger than life personality a moment later. She loves Iron Man and Queen Elsa and she thinks Captain America should be President. She sings enthusiastically with very little prompting and has quite an astonishing memory.

Her birthday party was at the world-famous San Antonio Kiddie Park. The Kiddie Park is America's oldest children's amusement park. It first opened in 1925 and they have worked hard to preserve it's 1920's style while renovating it over the years to maintain safety standards. I remember going there when I was a kid and it has hardly changed at all. It's like stepping back in time. It's such a great place for a birthday party.

The party featured popcorn, pizza, lemonade, cupcakes, and birthday cake. It was an overcast day and, thankfully, the rain held off until the party was over.

June's friends from day care came to celebrate with us. And, of course Omi, Pa-Pa, Pop-Pop, and Grams were there to help with the party and celebrate.

Our beautiful Queen Elsa cake and Olaf cupcakes were made by my friend Marta. They were beautiful and delicious. As  you can see above, cutting a doll cake is interesting. When we got to the point you see above in cutting the cake, a guy from the party next to us leaned over and said "Queen Elsa is showing the goods." It cracked me up, so I snapped the picture.


  1. Happy Birthday to June. A magical party for a little girl. I love when children can enjoy themselves unselfconsciously.

  2. Amazing how quickly the time goes! Happy 4th Birthday, June! I love the cake and it sounds like the party was wonderful. Hope it is another great year!

  3. So, so beautiful! The birthday girl AND the party. A very belated birthday to June.

    You were on my mind with all the Texas flooding. I hope you and yours are well and safe.


  4. It looks like June’s party was certainly quite enjoyable. The venue was perfect for kid’s birthday celebration, and her birthday cake also looks nice and delicious. My son also had an amazing time celebrating his birthday party yesterday at one of the nearby rental spaces for parties. It was a memorable party and we got some great pictures as well.