Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Day of School

Today was the long awaited first day of school for Our Little Princesses. Ezra started kindergarten and June started a new day school where she's in the Pre-K3 group. They were both very excited. 

Here's Ezra this morning at home and then in her classroom.

And here is June all ready to go to her new school.

Katy said that they both did great and didn't have problems with being in a new place.

Years ago, when Katy started kindergarten, her transition was not smooth. I did all the things I thought I needed to do. I took a day off of work and took her to the school for a tour and to meet the principal and her teacher. She had been in day care for three years already, so I thought this would not be a big deal. I was wrong. She really, really hated going to kindergarten and it did get better, but she never really got comfortable at that school. Thank God, the next year our neighborhood was assigned to a different school that she liked a lot better.

I was delighted to hear that Ezra's new school really has a good plan to help ease the way for kindergartners. On the Friday afternoon before school starts they held an open house. The parents and students got to see the classroom and meet the teacher. Then on Saturday morning, especially for the kindergarten, they had a play date on the playground at the school. Each student got a color-coded name tag. The color of their nametag identified the students who will be in each class. They played together and had bottled water and popsicles for a couple of hours, basically just getting to know each other. The parents came too, so it was also an opportunity for the parents to meet each other and visit for a while. I think it's an absolutely brilliant idea.

We're going to Skype with the girls in a few minutes, I can't wait to hear about their day. But here's a preliminary report. The first picture was tagged "5 minutes after I picked her up." The second picture came a little later.

It looks like the day started good and ended great with a little nap in between. It doesn't get any better than that.

Special thanks to Katy and Travis for snapping the photos and sending them to Grams.


  1. Well first of all, your little ladies are so pretty! (But then you already know that, grandma!)
    My grandsons started Kindergarten this year and I was so grateful for everything they did at school to ease the transition. I see both our schools are enlightened and hosted kids in ways that made them feel welcomed and comfortable. I love the playdate event with color tags - genius! Our school had all the buses line up at the family open house so kids could see EXACTLY where they'd get on and where they'd sit. Parents were welcome to stay the first 1.5 hours of the first day. Very smooth entry into school life for all of them!

  2. I'm so glad it was a good first day! Jenna often sees students on campus who struggle with going to school and it is so hard to help them. I love the Kindergarten idea! Going to forward this to some of my PTA buddies. It would be impossible to pull together for this year but you have to plan ahead! Love the pictures. Curious, are you going to sub as much this year?

    1. Probably not quite as much. I'm going to try to hold it to three days a week. There are two weeks in each semester when I will be pretty much full time while they do reading testing. I'm also hoping to spend a few days in San Antonio as a volunteer at Ezra's school.

  3. They are so grown up, Vicki! I can't believe it. They look like it was a great (and tiring) first day. I'm sure the kindergarten play date made a huge difference, created some friendships from the get-go. Smart idea!

    Great to see your gorgeous girls again! xoxo