Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Change is Hard

Life has thrown us a big, giant curve ball. We found out last week that the company Patrick works for is closing their local office. That means after 35 years of working the same job, he will be unemployed at the end of March. There will be a modest severance package, but we don't have all the details of that yet.

We are both having a hard time coming to grips with this new reality and working through what our next steps might be. We are not quite old enough to just go ahead and take retirement. The most troubling aspect is the loss of our health insurance.

Facing forced career change is never easy. That's especially true at 62 years old. I must admit that I'm very angry. It seems to me that this company has little regard for an employee who has been a loyal worker for many years. I know that I've got to work my way through this anger in order to make this into a positive change.

We have only just begun to explore some alternatives. I'd like to use this as an opportunity to move closer to Our Little Princesses. But, truthfully, we will see where a job opportunity arises and follow the work.

We have always met our financial responsibilities head on. It is very important to us to pay our bills on time and to live within our means. The prospect of losing our income and having to juggle and stretch to meet our obligations is scary. I've been trying to do a little research and gather advice about how to prepare for unemployment and loss of income.

I know it's been a long time since I've posted. I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day. I've taken today off to try to get some rest. For the past few days, I've come home from work and literally fallen asleep sitting straight upright in my chair. I'm gong to try to get in a trip to the grocery store today and maybe do a little sewing for myself if I don't spend the entire day sleeping.

If you have any advice or tips for us in dealing with this situation we're facing, I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Vicki, This is frightening news, and I can understand your worry. Health insurance over the age of 60 is very important, even if you're currently perfectly healthy. I have no advise, but I hope Patrick can quickly find work. Don't let stress make you ill!

  2. Silly computers! I left you a long comment yesterday but when I hit enter it decided to disappear! Losing your job is never easy -- it really is like someone pulls the rug out from under your whole world. It is even harder to cope with when you've been there for 35 years I am sure! Hopefully those 35 years will show another employer how valuable Patrick is and how loyal. I will keep my fingers crossed for you that his wonderful new job will be located near the Princesses home! THAT would be wonderful for you!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. It's very scary. I know because my husband and I have both been through this... at the same time, actually, in 2008. Yes, the health insurance. One thing to know: If you're on long-term meds, most Rx companies have an assistance program that will cover either the entire cost or at least a portion. I've had my $1800/month prescription (for my MS) covered ever since losing my job. Sometimes it was just the copay assistance but most often, like now, it's for the full amount. They agree to do it for a year at a time. Check into that, if you need such a thing.
    I'll be thinking of you both, praying for you. And also know you can get buy on far less then you ever imagined. My husband and I — though it's a freakin' struggle — are making it on 1/3 of what we were making 5-6 years ago. You can do it, and you become far more resourceful than you ever imagined. (And I think of you every time I "go shopping in the cupboard" to use up all I have before shopping again.)

    Good luck my friend. I'm here any time you want to rail against the injustice. It does totally and completely suck, and I know that, will listen.


  4. Happened to us almost 10 years ago. Hubs took to substitute teaching and I kept working until last year. He took early retirement at 63, I retired from the school system at 61. We at least have a IRA and draw enough from it to live comfortably. It has given us a lot more freedom to travel between our kids. Our biggest problems seem to be agreeing on what to do next. Stay in our current home or move closer to our son who has the little kids.

  5. I can only imagine how stressful this is for you and Pat. I read recently that Austin and Houston are among the top cities for employment over age 60. If you are considering relocating, these might be options to explore. Hang in there.