Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Cousins

These beautiful ladies are first cousins. They were born three months apart in 1979. They spent a lot of time together as they were growing up. Almost every Saturday or Sunday was spent at their grandparent's house with the extended family. They were the best of playmates. One summer I think Katy might have actually moved in with them if I would have let her. She stayed a week, then she called and asked permission to stay another week. Then a week later, same phone call. I made her come home after the third week.

Camey & Katy

Neither of them has a sister, so I always hoped they would grow up to be close. But as they reached their teen years, their lives diverged, and they took very different paths. There is a story here, but the story is not mine to tell so I am going to resist. All I will say is that Camey took a very hard road. For a while, we thought we were going to lose her completely.

Last weekend they were together again. The occasion was a baby shower for Camey. As the two of them sat and talked, my sister-in-law Nancy and I sat on the sofa and watched. I have to say, a few years ago I never expected to ever see that day. I'm pretty sure Nancy felt the same way. Both of us had tears in our eyes as we watched the two of them talk about childbirth and share experiences.

While sitting there watching I remembered this quote from Winston Churchill "Never, never, never give up!" And I will tell you, her parents never gave up. They fought tooth and nail to save this girl. I think she's going to make it this time. Camey's baby girl is due in less than two weeks. I can't wait to welcome her into the family.


  1. Beautiful young women. It's NEVER too late!

  2. They are beautiful and I sure hope the road gets better.

  3. This is a really great and uplifting story with a happy ending. Winston Churchill is one of my favorite historical figures and one of the strongest. It is so easy to fall into a hard road in life and so very difficult to remove yourself from that road once you are on it.

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