Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Sweethearts

I've been busy with some preparations for Princess E's birthday party this weekend. There will be plenty of photos next week. It's an Alice In Wonderland theme. I've made her a beautiful Alice dress to wear. It's hard to believe that she will be four years old next week.

Grandad and I will celebrate Valentine's Day tonight with a special dinner at home. Then tomorrow morning we are off to San Antonio for a weekend with our little sweethearts.

I captured this photo a couple of weeks ago when Our Little Princesses visited. They were sharing their milk at our weekly family breakfast. There is a big bright window behind them that gave it the glow at the top.

Happy Valentine's Day from Grams ... or as we say in our family ... Happy Valenta's Day!


  1. Very sweet! I love what you did with an already lovely photo. Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the party and bring back lots of photos.

  2. Happy Valenta's Day to you, too! It is a wonderful picture -- may they always get along that well! Can't wait to see the Alice pictures. Amara was Alice for Halloween at about that age and wore the dress everywhere!