Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Must Have Blinked

I must have blinked, because this seems like it just happened yesterday.

Our Little Princess E just minutes after birth.
But this is what really happened yesterday.

Princess E heading to Pre-K3.
Is it really possible that she's already in a school uniform, carrying a backpack and lunchbox, and attending her first week of pre-kindergarten. Seriously, how did this happen so fast?

I didn't even go to kindergarten. My siblings and I all started school as first graders. Did you go to kindergarten?


  1. I didn't attend kindergarten either. Rather, I was kindergarten aged and put in a Grade 1/2 class in Sinton, Texas.

  2. I didn't attend kindergarten either. Rather I was placed in a grade 1/2 class in Sinton, TX.

  3. The Princess looks so cute in her uniform! I hope she enjoyed her first day! Amara started 3rd grade yesterday -- how did THAT happen?

    I did go to Kindergarten and I remember every wonderful moment of it! But I don't think they had preschool or any kind of Pre K programs back then.

  4. Boy do I remember kindergarten at City View Elementary in Wichita Falls, TX. I had a right-out-of-college first-time teacher who didn't know "how to control me." To the point she would call my mother almost weekly for advice. I would finish my work first and as she told my mother, "proceed to teach the rest of class. She thinks she's the teacher." She put Klenex tissues in my mouth to stop my talking. How times have changed. Today she would no doubt be arrested for mental cruelty or something under the law. And the talking? well, it followed me through all of my educational and professional life. Now I get paid to talk for my job. Karma.