Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Her Highness

Her Highness is one year old today. It's been quite a year with a lot of changes.

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with friends and family. The tablescape was beautiful and the menu was delicious. There were brisket sliders, macaroni and cheese, fruit skewers, candy coated marshmallows, lemon chiffon cupcakes with seven-minute icing, and strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

For party favors, Katy made individual Easter s'mores. We found them on Pinterest and they were the perfect little party favor for all ages.

The party was fun. It was good to see Travis' family and catch up with them. She got lots of lovely gifts of clothes and toys. Unlike her big sister, no one had to show her what to do with the cupcake. As you can see, she dove into it head first.

Her Highness has quite a personality and is so different from her sister. We sometimes refer to her as "full throttle baby." I promise you that she will always be the center of attention and will always come out on top of anything. She may be the little sister, but that is in age only.

Happy First Birthday to Her Highness!


  1. She's my kind of cake eater...she face is right in it...LOL Great party favor ideas. Id never thought of using Peeps for s'mores! YUM!

  2. So funny you mention her being a "full throttle baby". Our second grandson is exactly that and so, so different from the first. (Makes my daughter crazy...but I remind her that SHE was the second and exactly the same.)

    Looks like a wonderful party and a happy birthday!