Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Women On My Walk - My Young Friends

There are a couple of young ladies Grams would like you to meet. Their names are Kandyce and Jenny and I've known them since they were little bitty girls. They are lifelong friends and have been my neighbors since they were small. Their moms are two of my best friends. This is how they look in my mind.

This is how they look in reality.

And this is how they looked on Saturday morning when they both graduated with honors as Texas Scholars from Calallen High School.

Last weekend Katy, Bylinda and Grams hosted a Tea Party in their honor. It was fun to have friends and neighbors just sit and visit for a few hours. I especially enjoy passing on gentile traditions to new generations of women. Both of these young ladies are beautiful, kind and smart. I know they both have bright futures. Grams is honored to call them my friends.

Here are a few pictures from the tea party.

I would especially like to thank my sister Bylinda and my daughter Katy for helping me with this party. They drove from San Antonio and LaVernia to Corpus Christi and spent the weekend helping put everything together just right. It's so nice to have family you can count on to really pull their weight when entertaining.


  1. They grow up so quickly. What a wonderful tea party -- the grown up kind! Bet it is a memory they will keep forever and so will you!

  2. Lovely girls! And what a sweet thing for you to do in their honor. Your sister and daughter are surely just as lovely, too, for helping out with the hosting!

  3. That looks like a great tea party! :)