Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching Up and A Health Update on Grandad

Grams is home several days earlier than originally planned from attending the birth of Baby Sister. Katy had none of the complications she experienced with Our Little Princess. She was up and around and feeling very good and energetic within two days. I cooked, cleaned, and held those beautiful grand-daughters to my heart's content. But I knew it was time to go. I could just sense that the newly expanded family needed some quiet and alone time. The school where Travis works is preparing dinner for them several nights this week, Our Little Princess is in day care until the end of the week, Travis' mother will arrive this weekend, and his step-mother will also pitch in. So I felt comfortable that Katy would be able to handle a few days alone with just herself and Baby Sister. I did make it clear that all she has to do is call and I can be there within three hours.

Yesterday was a very productive day, I made a roast with caramelized onions and mushrooms for dinner. I baked cookies. And, I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom.

That kitchen cleaning was necessitated by a fruit fly infestation. It seems that while I was gone for nine days to attend the birth of Baby Sister, I left a bag of onions on the counter. One of them sprouted and the fruit flies invaded. Living in an extremely warm and moist climate, fruit flies are just a fact of life. I can usually keep them at bay by only buying enough fresh fruit and vegetables to last for two or three days. But every now and then something gets left on the counter too long and here come the fruit flies. Ridding the house of them includes cleaning every surface in the kitchen and cleaning out the drains and the garbage disposal with baking soda and vinegar. They have a ten-day life cycle, so we have to be extremely careful for the next ten days not to leave any crumbs on the countertop and not to have any food uncovered on the counter or dirty dishes at all sitting out. That part is something of a challenge for Grandad.

Today, Grams is having one of those days where I can't seem to do anything. It's not that I can't accomplish anything, I actually can't seem to do anything. I've just been watching television and checking Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail all day.  There are plenty of leftovers for dinner, so I've decided to blog for a while. That's doing something, right?

I also want to provide an update on Grandad. While I was in San Antonio for our new baby's arrival, he went to Houston for a follow-up visit with his Electro-Physiologist. The last cardiac ablation (in January) does not seem to have improved his atrial fibrillation at all. He is going into a-fib almost every day and feeling bad a great deal of the time. So, he is again wearing a 30-day heart monitor. We expect that, based on the results, he will be scheduled for a more aggressive form of ablation which will involve open-heart surgery. We don't know a lot of the details yet except that this is considered a hybrid procedure which has been pioneered by his doctor. It will involve the same kind of ablation he's already had twice which is done to the interior of the heart and accomplished through catheters and electrodes threaded from his legs up into his heart. While one doctor is doing that, another will perform open-heart ablation on the exterior of his heart. This is done with a scalpel and will create scar tissue on the outside of the heart which will, hopefully, interrupt the abnormal impulses which cause his heart to beat out of rhythm. I will provide more details as we know them. We do know that this procedure will require a 7-10 day hospital stay and then probably another week in Houston before he's released to return to Corpus Christi. We're not sure, but we think this will be scheduled in late June or July.

What else in going on? My two favorite neighbor girls will be graduating from high school in May. Katy, Aunt B, and I are hosting a High Tea in their honor. In addition, I'm working with a group of friends from the church I grew up in (Morgan Avenue Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas) to put together a reunion sometime later this summer. More details on that later.


  1. I love that photo of your precious grandgirls. So sweet.

    I'm sorry to hear things aren't all the wonderful with Grandad. How very frustrating that must be ... for you both. I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Enjoy the High Tea and have a fabulous, fly-free Easter!

  2. Sorry things aren't going well for Patrick. Praying for him and you as you go thru this next round of medical intervention. Congrats on Little Sister. Love the photos!!

  3. I LOVE your website! Your story is so interesting! I love to read too, but with 2 little ones, it's mighty difficult. I'm currently reading The Dressmaker of Khira Khana for the SITS community book club on Blog Frog. I loved The Art of Racing in the Rain.