Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter Settles In ...

Regular readers may remember that Grams resides in balmy South Texas. In February we average a high temperature of 66 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 46. I love winter in South Texas. It's the best time of year. It doesn't get cold very often and when it does the days are crisp and clear and the skies are the most beautiful color of blue. Summers are hot and humid with highs in the mid-90s and lows in the upper 70s. Humid is an understatement, it's sometimes referred to as "air you can wear."

As I write today around 3 p.m., the temperature has just now risen to 30 degrees and it's starting to drizzle. School closures have been announced for both Thursday and Friday. There is actually snow in our forecast for Friday morning. All of that means, after walking next door for bunco tonight, Grams will be snuggled with a down comforter in front of the fireplace until the weather warms up on Saturday.

As I was cooking dinner last night, just before nightfall and just before the temperature hit freezing, I noticed one remaining bloom on one of my rosebushes. I grabbed a pair of shears and ran out to snip it so we could enjoy the last spot of summer for a bit longer.

It's a lavender rose called Angel Face and it smells divine. It's bloom was almost spent by the time I noticed it, but I think it will last a day or two. It reminds me that, although winter has settled on South Texas for a few days, it will be warm and sunny again soon.

Wherever you are, stay warm! Winter won't last forever. No matter what the groundhog says ... Spring is coming.


  1. So glad you discovered that beautiful rose before it was completely gone! This monster winter storm has affected so many! We were at -2 and that doesn't account for the wind chill factor.
    I hope your hubby is doing better.

  2. What a beautiful reminder of the spring to come! Enjoy your South Texas winter, it's so nice there this time of year!

    Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful rest of the week!